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The anxiety happens in the body

"In most studies, anxiety is seen as a psychological problem that affects more and more people worldwide. However, I need to disagree that such imbalance originates in the mind, but rather in the body.

Rapid breathing, shortness of breath, dry mouth, numb arms, nausea, digestive problems, chills, tremors, sweating, palpitations, and chest pains are some of the symptoms that manifest in an anxiety attack and from then on cause mental fluctuations that reinforce the physical symptoms.

When we have control over the body, naturally there is no space for the manifestation of anxiety, as the symptoms of anxiety make it clear that we are not in control of the body.

The best way to interrupt any possibility of crises is to develop or remember our natural abilities through proper breathing, positive stimuli, as well as an environment free of triggers that can provoke undesirable memories in the unconscious.

It's logical that there are several highly effective exercises to eliminate anxiety from life, but in the meantime taking a long walk, exposing oneself to the sun, and changing environments can help a lot.

Breathe, everything will be okay.

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