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praticar Yoga




The Sanskrit word Hatha is made up of two syllables, “Ha” means sun and “Tha” means moon. It refers to the two main energy channels, called Nadis, that yoga seeks to balance (Pingala, the solar channel and Ida, the lunar channel).

When these two opposing but complementary currents are in balance, Kundalini (subtle energy) can flow through the central Sushumna channel to the crown chakra, allowing one to experience happiness and unity. Balancing complementary opposites is the key to releasing the energy of consciousness and achieving spiritual freedom.

This balance occurs both physically and psychologically. Hatha Yoga helps us to remove the duality in our perception of life, manifested by judging ourselves and the world (right/wrong, good/bad).

These opposing values are experienced as internal and external conflicts, and when we manage to integrate them, we evolve into a state of non-dual consciousness, symbolized by the third eye.

Another meaning of the word Hatha is strong, determined. It refers to the strong physical and mental discipline required for practice (tapas).

You will need:

  • 75min;

  • Yogamat;

  • Towel;

  • Enthusiasm.


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