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Thai Massage is a set of  techniques that uses pressure, compression and stretching at specific points of the body to promote the circulation of vital energy, balance, among other benefits. Learn more about thai massage, how it works, theoretical concepts, indications, contraindications, benefits and much more.


Thai massage is a therapy that seeks body balance. It is believed that Dr. Jivaka Kumar Baccha, a contemporary of Budha, was the creator of this method and is venerated in Thailand as the "Father of Medicine".


It's taken as a healing method for the body and has long been used to prevent and treat various types of diseases. In Thai massage the therapist uses his feet, knees, thumbs, palms and elbows, as well as pressure, compression and stretching in the patient's body to unlock the energy nodes - considered the main cause of diseases acquired by the body and soul, because they prevent the fluidity of vital energy. When the nodes are undone, the body and mind are released and can experience an


Benefits of Thai Massage:


Check out the main benefits of thai massage, a technique that helps restore energy balance and relieve discomfort using specific pressure and compression stimuli, as well as various stretches. Find out now what are the main benefits of thai massage before scheduling your service.


The potential benefits of Thai massage are:


• Reduces stress and anxiety

• Promotes muscle relaxation and stretching

• Increases energy and improves mood

• Improves movement and prevents muscle pain and spasm's

• Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation


Indications of Thai massage:


Check out the main indications of thai massage, which helps promote energy balance and holistic well-being through specific movements and stretches at points of the body. Learn now the main indications for the use of thai massage before scheduling your service.


Thai massage is indicated for:


• People of all ages

• People who want to relax or relieve pain

• People with mental or emotional stress or anxiety

• People who have difficulty sleeping or sleep disorder

• People who play sports

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