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Robson Oliveira

Creator and mentor of Hak'a Experience Robson has been caring for people for around 18 years based on eastern practices such as Shiatsu, Yoga, Samkhya and Ayurveda, guiding each person to find their own health.


Born in Londrina, Brazil, watching his mother care for people as a spiritual guide to countless people who looked to her for comfort and guidance, Robson was naturally influenced to follow the same path, but with different tools. After feeling frustrated in his promising career as a graphic designer due to knowing the ins and outs of the industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry, where he had world-renowned clients, Robson decides to take the opposite path and discover Eastern therapies.

After perfecting his techniques and advancing his knowledge, Robson starts teaching Shiatsu and Reiki courses at all levels. Throughout his career, Robson led Hatha Yoga practices where he had the opportunity to share, beyond Yoga, a path of non-violence, compassion, patience and wisdom supported by Buddhist and Confucian teachings as well as the Vedas.

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