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Shiatsu Session

The Japanese Technique

  • 1 30 min
  • 50 Euros
  • Casa do cliente

Descrição do serviço

Shiatsu is a manual therapy developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, although originally from China, which, today recognized by the Ministry of Health, is indicated to prevent and treat various diseases, such as: pain in the spine, in the joints, insomnia , numbness, swelling in the feet and hands, premenstrual tension, asthma, constipation, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, stress, anxiety, heart disease, headaches, sinusitis, facial paralysis, physical exhaustion, etc... ​The word is derived from the Japanese SHI meaning "finger" and ATSU "pressure", meaning finger pressure. It can be performed on both sick and healthy people with a preventive effect. ​ In practice, Shiatsu uses techniques of pressure, percussion, friction, vibration, clamping and imposition of fingers and hands on specific points and areas of the body, in addition to moving joints and manipulating musculoskeletal structures in order to act on circulation. "energetic" through the techniques of toning, sedating, regulating, purifying and warming and thus promoting organic, psychic and above all energy homeostasis. The therapist, using the thumbs, the palms of the hands and even the elbow, presses points along the meridians of our body, in a rhythmic and modulated way and, with these touches, unblocks the vital energy. In addition, it uses manipulation techniques, stretching muscles and tendons, joint rotations, pressure on tense or painful muscles, thus improving blood and lymph circulation. As a result, it relaxes the nervous and muscular system, developing a more efficient breathing rhythm and a better energy balance. Shiatsu therapy is not based on the western biomedical model, it is based on an eastern conception where it is believed that the cure should not be done through the disease. The phenomenon that caused it, in that patient, is sought, making it clear that each patient is unique and unique in their individuality. For Chinese Medicine, the sore points in our body are vital energy blockage points and their energy disharmony, sometimes in excess in certain meridians, sometimes deficient in others, is the cause of diseases. As preventive medicine, the objective is the harmony and maintenance of the vital force, believing that the energetically harmonized body is healthy and does not need medication. ______ Payments infos: Robson Oliveira de Oliveira BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX IBAN: BE88 9671 0627 1041 or PayPal:

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Carcavelos, Portugal

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